PressureWave™  Innovative Energy Saving Tanks receive Watermark Approval


White International Pty Ltd is excited to announce that the leading edge range of PressureWave™ Tanks has now been given the significant Watermark Approval. 


Watermark Approval means that PressureWave™ Tanks can be connected to the supply side of hot water services to save water and energy and extend component life.


Proudly distributed in Australia by White International for nearly 10 years, PressureWave™ Tanks are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality and have been enjoying healthy sales to meet the demands of an ever increasing, energy conscious, market.

Feedback from suppliers and users has been highly complimentary about the benefits of installing a PressureWave™ energy saving solution for pumps.

PressureWave™ Tanks for pumps:

·      significantly reduce electrical power consumption by reducing small draw off pump starts
i.e. evaporative coolers, toilet flushes, leaks, drip irrigation, trough etc.

·      extend pump life by dramatically reducing wear on moving parts

·      protects against heat expansion damage to pump bodies

·      reduce noise from unnecessary pump starts

·      eliminate motor burn outs and low flow cycling

·      requires no maintenance

·      do not require regular air charge checks

·      eliminate pump body failure due to water hammer

PressureWave™  Tanks for hot water:

·      saves on installation, a relief pipe and drains

·      stop water and energy wasted from heat expansion

         (On average 1 litre of hot water lost per night per tank, Adds up nationally to 4 million litres per year)

·      reduces stress on hot water heater tanks

·      prevent damage caused by hot water expansion leaks

·      reduces danger of termites


PressureWave™ Tanks can be fitted to existing pumps, or installed freestanding or wall mounted in a range of sizes, all with stainless steel water connections to ensure long life and low maintenance. 

Now with Watermark Approval, there’s even more reasons to find out more why PressureWave™ is the perfect water energy saving solution for the future.


To find out more about the superb range of PressureWave™ products please contact White International on 1300 783 601 or visit our website