Pressure Wave Series

Quick Overview

Pressure Wave diaphragm pressure tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of general application including pump booster systems, thermal expansion, irrigation systems and to minimise water hammer. Special Features . Single diaphragm design 100% potable quality butyl . Patented 316 stainless steel connection . Virgin polypropylene liner, so no water touches plain steel . Internal clench ring becomes more secure at higher pressures . Appliance quality two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish- almond . Brass stemmed air valve and o-ring sealed valve cap . NSF standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS approvals . Pre-Charged air side 28 PSI/ 1.9 Bar . Maximum temperature up to 90 °C . Standard maximum pressure 150 PSI/ 10 Bar . Models available up to 235 PSI/ 16 Bar . 5 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY

Model No.DescriptionPrice
FLE-PWB2V2 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$58.00
FLE-PWB8V8 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$89.00
FLE-PWB18V18 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$104.00
FLE-PWB35V35 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$209.00
FLE-PWB60V60 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$339.00
FLE-PWB80V80 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$412.00
FLE-PWB100V100 Litre Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$461.00
FLE-PWB150V150L Vertical, 10 Bar 1"$731.00
FLE-PWB8V-168 Litre Vertical, 16 Bar 1"$157.00
FLE-PWB18V-1618 Litre Vertical, 16 Bar 1"$235.00
FLE-PWB80V-1680 Litre Vertical, 16 Bar 1"$889.00
FLE-PWB24V-2524L Vertical, 25 Bar 1"$392.00
FLE-PWS20H20 Litre Horizontal, 10 Bar 1"$136.00
FLE-PWS60H60 Litre Horizontal, 10 Bar 1"$339.00

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